Benefits of massage

Massage Therapy is the systematic manipulation of the soft tissues to improve or maintain health. Some of the benefits that Massage Therapy can provide:
Reduces stress by stimulating the relaxation response in the nervous system.
Relieves muscular tension, stiffness and spasms by use of direct pressure and by promoting the increase of blood circulation.
Reduces muscle soreness and fatigue, through the enhancement of blood circulation which increases the amount of nutrients in the blood and promotes rapid disposal of waste products.
Increases range of motion and lengthen muscles by reducing muscular tension and broadening tissue, especially when combined with Swedish Massage Gymnastics (active and passive movements that reduce pain, restore mobility and maintain health)
Reduces swelling by promoting lymph circulation and improves skin condition by increasing the blood circulation in the surface, which, in turn, increases the nutrients the skin receives.
Promotes fracture healing by increasing blood circulation in the injured area and by increasing the retention of minerals.